I'm Stuart Shaw, a freelance copywriter.

What does a freelance copywriter really do?

In a nutshell, freelance copywriters write websites, brochures, brand stories, SEO Power Pages, whitepapers and ebooks that engage customers, energise colleagues, and crush competitors. They write love letters to Google too. All at a moment's notice.
Here's my story.

And a screenwriter.

Think Malick meets Tarantino and you’re warm.

And in my free guide – Create a Brand Story like a Hollywood Movie – I use Hollywood screenwriting tricks to help your brand tell – and sell – a great brand story. SPOILER: It will change the way you watch movies forever.
Give me some Hollywood magic.

What, you want a freebie?

How about a free About Us/Me page makeover?

Your About Us/Me page should engage customers, entice employees, and level competitors in a single bound. Yours? Okay, drop me an email. I’ll put it under the magnifying glass and send you a version that roars. For free. In 2 days.
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But hey, enough of my yakkin'...

“He helped to highlight the real, friendly, human face of our brand.”

ITogether sell cutting-edge products. Servers. Routers. Anti-virus. But they weren’t alone. Paste a paragraph from their portfolio into Google, you’d get hundreds of matches - one returned 597. The goal was to reduce that to 0.
Read the ITogether Case Study.

"Great guy, great service and great text writing abilities.”

Every removals company has a Moving Home Guide. But City Removals is a family business. It cares about its environmental impact. What about this: 'Moving Green: An Eco-friendly Guide to Moving Home'?
Read the City Case Study.

"Dude, this is brilliant."

Disclaimer: This was a co-writing gig – the Artful Scientist is actually my cousin, Stephen Shaw. The problem we faced with creating the content for his new game-changing freelance design agency was a doozy: how not to sound like a typical design agency. We had to do something really, really different.
Here's what we did.