I'm Stuart Shaw, a freelance copywriter in Milton Keynes. Yep, the home of concrete cows. Thankfully, I write websites that get concrete results.

What does a 'freelance copywriter' actually do?

It’s a good question. Everyone knows what a nurseryman or egg collector does. Jobs I had in my youth. Or a philosopher. I have a degree. I used to get asked what a concierge did a lot. I just said I booked restaurants for Johnny Depp and Dennis Hopper.
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Business survival is survival of the fittest brand story.

And in my FREE guide, you can turn your story into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Is your 'About Us' page a flop? Hollywood has perfected a 3 Act story-telling formula that will not only get customers queueing around the block, but put employees on seats too. SPOLIER ALERT: It will also change the way you watch movies - forever.
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“Great guy, great service and great text writing abilities.”

City Removals are a leading removals company based in London.

Google ‘Moving Home Guide’ you get tonnes of hits. Every decent removals company has one. But City Removals is a family business. It cares deeply about its environmental impact. What about this: 'Moving Green: An Eco-friendly Guide to Moving Home'?
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“He helped to highlight the real, friendly, human face of our brand.”

ITogether are an established network and security specialist based in Leeds.

ITogether sell cutting-edge products. Servers. Routers. Anti-virus. But they weren’t alone. Paste a paragraph from their portfolio into Google, you’d get hundreds of matches - one returned 597 alone. The goal was to reduce that to a big fat 0.
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