Not every brand story is a Cinderella story worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. But business survival is survival of the fittest brand story.

So make your brand story a Hollywood blockbuster.

But I'm not J.K. Rowling!
Don't worry. Hollywood has perfected a 3 Act story-telling formula that is incredibly easy to understand. And in our FREE practical guide - cunningly written like a Hollywood movie script - we're going to show you how to use this formula to structure and create a brand story that not only gets your customers queueing up around the block but puts employees on seats too.
Give me some Hollywood magic

There's a war coming. And not the ongoing war for talent. It's the new war for talent management.

So make sure you're winning the war for talent management.

You mean the war for talent?
No, we mean the battle to have in place the most data-driven and sophisticated talent management framework you can get. A framework not only battle tested by some of the world's top brands, but a science inspired framework that debunks a whole lot of myths about how to get the best out of people along the way. A framework all yours in our FREE whitepaper.
Where do I sign up?

People lie. Cheat. Steal. Emigrate to Facebook every ten minutes. Think a clean inbox is thinking outside the box. And that's just in the boardroom

So make sure you don't take any people risks in the boardroom

And not just in the boardroom?
Joking aside, people are also dehumanised by their firms. Driven to ill health by the stick of toxic managers and pressurised into cutting corners by the carrot of bonuses. Our FREE paper, ‘Rehumanising the Firm’, explores an emerging new ‘science’ designed to uncover and manage People Risks both in terms of the risks people pose to the business as well as the risks the business poses to individuals.
Let's do some humanising

Who are we to talk? Good question. How about a brother and sister combo who know how to mine the gap between your brand and both your customers and employees.

So seasoned HR consultant or well-seasoned freelance copywriter?

Can I be greedy and have both?
Course you can. We’ve worked perfectly together to create start ups that needed great copy and great management practices to get them off to the perfect start. But Lindsay is an uber HR guru who has worked at blue chip brands to upscale their HR practices, and Stuart has spread himself far and wide in pursuit of copywriting genius, so take your pick. Just keep it between us. If you can.
Okay, I know what I need